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Logo of Agriculture Appeals Office

FAC Decisions Week Ending 29/05/2020



(Note: Information relevant to the appeal can be found by clicking on the relevant CN/TFL number below. Any questions should be submitted by e-mail to


FAC Ref Number





Date of DAFM decision

Date of FAC decision

FAC Decision

CN84028 (pdf 760Kb)               308/2019  90m  Forest Road  Smutternagh  Roscommon 18/10/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
CN83576 (pdf 3,500Kb)              302/2019  10.43ha  Afforestation   Annagannihy  Cork  17/10/2019  28/05/2010  Confirm 
CN83509 (pdf 1,827Kb)              401/2109  640m  Forest Road   Carton Ballymaurice   Longford  19/11/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
CN83306 (pdf 2,478Kb)              220/2019 10.33ha  Afforesttion  

Keebagh, Cuilbeg

Mayo  26/08/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
CN83503 (pdf 2,401Kb)              221/2019  2.9ha  Afforestation   Keebagh, Cuilbeg   Mayo  26/08/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
CN84042 (pdf 1,726Kb)              297/2019  5.66ha  Afforestation  Aghalackan  Cavan  15/10/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
TFL00316719 (pdf 2,531Kb)              231/2019  4.4ha  Felling   Mullymagowan  Cavan   29/08/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
CN84125 (pdf 3,851Kb)              296/2019  120m  Forest Road  Gallonbane  Cavan  17/10/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm 
CN83475 (pdf 3,899Kb)              358/2019  353m  Forest Road  Sunlawn  Waterford 15/11/2019  28/05/2020  Cancel
CN84627 (pdf 3,853Kb)              399/2019  10.19ha  Afforestation  Aghanoran  Longford  21/11/2019  28/05/2020  Confirm